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SkyPilot 2

The logbook app for private pilots. In the main Logbook view all flights are listed by date and with the most important information. When tapping on a list item, a view with more detailed information expands.



Adding a flight

Adding a new flight to the logbook is an easy and fast process. Tap the + in the upper right corner and fill out your information.



SkyPilot 2 offers basic statistics like your total flight time, last flight, longest flight and more.



The Position tab gives you details about your location by showing your speed, altitude, lat., lon. and a map.


SkyPilot 3

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A major update 🚀

Last year we announced that we are working on the next major update. It is still in the works and we will share future updates on the blog and via Twitter!

Major new features:

  • Synchronization on all iOS devices

  • Revamped logbook with more entry options

  • More statistics

  • Better pilot & co-pilot information

  • Logbook search option & filtering

Coming later this year.

SkyPilot 3 Early Development News

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The New Dashboard 📓

The Dashboard view is slightly redesigned which features a cleaner interface for a better readability. Additionally, we implemented a sync engine which delivers all entries to your devices. And if you have no internet connection it syncs as soon as it is available.


More Options 🛩ī¸

The new logbook features new entry options:

  • IFR (Instrument Flight Rules)

  • Pilot in Command

  • Night flight

  • Aircraft specific information (like SE & ME)

These new entry options are very useful, as we can display you more statistics of your flights. 

(For example the total night time; total IFR time; or specific date ranges)