Location Dashboard 3

We redesigned the Dashboard from the ground up. Therefore we introduced a whole new view which puts Dashboard items in rows and columns.



All New Setup

The setup and configuration view has been redesigned as well. Simply tap and hold on an Dashboard item and drag it around to organize the Dashboard. Tap on the red x to remove the item.

Add new items by tapping on the "+" in the upper right corner.


Go Pro

Extend Pacific with Location Dashboard Pro in-app purchase which unlocks all pro dashboard items, a dark mode and several home screen icons you can choose from.

Furthermore, you will support the future development of the app! 😊


Available Dashboard Items

⛰️ Altitude
🚀 Speed
🎈 Heading
🗺️ Latitude & Longitude
📍 Distance
📏 Horizontal & Vertical Accuracy

☁️ Air Pressure
🏡 Locality
🌆 Sub-Locality
🌌 ZIP Code
🚌 Street
🌊 Ocean

Available Widgets



This widget gives information about your current GPS location. 

Shows: Country, Locality, Administrative Area, ZIP Code and Street.

Movement Widget.png


This widget displays the GPS movement details.

Shows: Speed, Altitude, Heading, Latitude and Longitude.

GPS Strength Widget.png

GPS Strength

This widget indicates whether your GPS signal strength is good or not by displaying a text based status.


Barometer Kopie.png


This widget shows the air pressure and the relative altitude. (Built in pressure sensor required.)