Setup Guide

Pacific 2.x is no longer available and has been replaced by Pacific 3.x + which has the setup guide included within the app.


After you have downloaded Pacific the application will prompt you (only at first launch) how to setup the Dashboard. After you have tapped on okay follow these steps to setup the Dashboard:

  1. Tap on "EDIT" (top left Corner)

  2. Tap on "+" (top right Corner)

  3. Select items by tapping on them (a checkmark will appear as you have tapped on it)

  4. After you have finished your selection tap on “Done” (top right corner)

  5. Then navigate back to the Dashboard view and you will see your selected items.

Dashboard widget

Pacific also includes a configurable Dashboard widget for Notification Center (Pacific Pro In-App purchase is required). After adding the Dashboard widget to the Notification Center navigate to the Settings tab inside Pacific. Afterwards, navigate to "Dashboard Setup". Now you will see the option "Mirror Dashboard"; if enabled the already set up Dashboard items will show up in the widget. If this toggle is disabled you will see the option "Edit Dashboard Widget". There you can set up items like in the normal Dashboard view.


Routes is a very fast way to open preconfigured routes to your destination through the Routes widget, which is available in Notification Center. These steps are required in order to use the Routes widget properly:

  1. Navigate to the Routes tab inside Pacific

  2. Tap on "+" (top left corner)

  3. Enter your address and your country

  4. Tap on "Save" (button is below all entry fields)

  5. Enable "Pacific Routes" widget in Notification Center

  6. All entered routes will be listed here

  7. Tap on the route and Maps will be opened with your destination

If you purchased Pacific Pro (In-App purchase) you can select between different maps applications in "Settings" - "Routes Setup". Afterwards, all entered routes will be opened with your selected maps app.