SkyPilot 2 is now available

I'm thrilled to announce that SkyPilot 2 is now available for everyone for free. We also changed the pricing option to a one time in-app purchase (1,99$) in order to unlock all pro features and all restrictions. 

SkyPilot 2 has been completely rewritten to make it easier and faster to use. We also changed the database structure to make it easier for us to organize logbook entries. When you used SkyPilot before, you can migrate the whole logbook to SkyPilot 2! 

If you enjoy using SkyPilot 2, we would be very happy about a (positive) review.

Thank you!

Christoph Schulz
SkyPilot 2 will be ready soon

Hi everyone!

Today I want to announce that SkyPilot 2 will be released very soon.

SkyPilot 2 was in development for a long time - obviously since summer 2016 (I'm very sorry for this huge delay). Generally, the app has been completely rewritten and now uses a much better database structure for logbook entries (which makes it much easier to add new features for us). Furthermore, SkyPilot 2 also features a complete new design which fits perfectly in our lineup with Pacific and we have added a fun iMessage sticker pack, which will gain more stickers over time. Version 2 also features a new Position tab, where you can see your detailed movement below a moving map, which shows your location. Finally, we also integrated support for 3D Touch.

However, I didn't get iCloud sync working 100% in the last days, so this major feature will not be included in the first release. (I will try to include it asap!)

Next, pricing. SkyPilot 2 will be available for free. However, you will need to subscribe to an yearly plan (about ±1,50$) in order to use SkyPilot 2 without restrictions. Personally, I think this is a fair and affordable price. (Pricing could change until release)

 - Christoph

Christoph Schulz
SkyPilot 2 Progress Update 2

Hello everyone and welcome back!
I hope you enjoyed the holidays!

First of all I want to give you an overview about SkyPilot 2. The app itself is almost finished, we implemented a new database system and enhanced several features, like the dashboard or the statistics. So everything works like SkyPilot 1.x, just with a new design and some other improvements. However, I want to include iCloud synchronization, which isn’t quite as easy as I thought - but I will try to finish it asap. 

Nevertheless I’m looking forward to release SkyPilot 2 in January! 
(Sorry for the huge delay.)

Furthermore I can reveal the new icon to you, which looks just slightly edited (but it now matches with the Pacific icon design).

Christoph Schulz
Second Anniversary of Pacific!

Two years ago we launched Pacific (formerly known as SkyWidgets) on October 31 2014 with the movement and the address widget only. Since then we introduced several features like the Dashboard, which is now fully customizable, added a theming option and extended the range of widgets (Routes, Quick Dial,...). Furthermore we added a watch extension later this year which shows you all relevant information on your wrist.

With Pacific 2.2 we added support for the latest major iOS 10 update and we added a new stabilization feature.  

But we're not stopping there! We will keep on developing new features which will improve the overall experience with Pacific.

To celebrate the second anniversary we will make Pacific free for a limited time! 

Thank you for supporting us! 

Christoph Schulz
SkyPilot 2 Progress Update 1

We’ve announced SkyPilot 2 a long time ago, so I’m very happy to announce the first SkyPilot 2 beta today. The app itself has been completely rewritten and now uses a much better database structure which makes sorting and organizing logbook entries a lot easier for us. At this point I also want to announce a new search feature which should be ready in the next few weeks.

Currently the first beta (only) offers the logbook view and allows the user to add new flights. I know this isn’t much but we are working hard on implementing more features as soon as possible. 

As SkyPilot 2 will be a new separate app, we’re starting a new beta list for TestFlight. If you’re interested in beta testing SkyPilot 2 please sign up here.

Thank you!


Here are some images of the latest beta:

Christoph Schulz
Announcing Pacific 2.2

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since we wrote about a new update of Pacific, but today we want to announce Pacific 2.2.

Since Apple announced iOS 10 at WWDC we optimized and improved the experience on the new OS. This means the application and all available widgets are optimized for iOS 10. You can see the difference between iOS 9 and iOS 10 here: 

Movement Widget - iOS 10

Movement Widget - iOS 10

Movement Widget - iOS 9

Movement Widget - iOS 9


For all users which are running iOS 9, you don’t need to worry, we Pacific 2.2 supports iOS 9 as well.

The update also introduces a new stabilization feature which prevents jumping altitude and speed issues by an algorithm. Additionally we improved our watch app for watchOS 3.

Pacific 2.2 will be available as a free update in September. (is now available - download)

Christoph Schulz
Pacific 2.0.5 Update


Since the launch of Pacific in January, we published several small updates: We fixed a few bugs and introduced new features like the "Never Sleep"-mode and new Dashboard items. But we have also been working on a bigger update, Pacific 2.0.5, which we want to present you hereby.

Pacific 2.0.5 includes a black theme (Pacific Pro required) which is much more convenient to use at night. As the list of themes is growing, we changed the design of the theme switcher, so that it now shows a preview image and therefore makes it easier to choose the one theme you prefer.

Thanks to one of our beta testers who brought up this idea, the new version of Pacific also features legends on the Dashboard. Those create a better overview of the data by showing a label of the category of the item next to it. You can enable Legends in Settings > Dashboard Setup. No Pacific Pro In-App purchase is required.

Dashboard with legends

Black Theme

Next, we reworked the energy saving mode, which basically means an improved accuracy while the lower battary loss stays the same. However, please notice that GPS usage needs much battery anyway, so even in energy saving mode Pacific will drain a relatively big amount of power, but less than in normal mode.

The update should be available later this week or early next week.

If you enjoy using Pacific, we would be very happy about a (positive) rewiev in the App Store! (:

Thank you very much!

Christoph SchulzUpdate
Pacific launches on January 20th


As we are making progress on our one big project, Pacific, we want to give you a small update on what you can expect.

Most important: We are launching Pacific on January 20.

This version of the app will include several new features, e.g. a completely redone Dashboard which will be customizable, a routes widget to enable you to open preconfigured routes directly from the Notification Center using Maps, and a few more. To view everything that’s new, check out our website (

We will also include an In-App purchase, with which you gain access to a few more options. In this Pro Version of our app, you will be able to personalize Pacific using different themes and to use the dashboard as a widget. In addition, once you upgraded to Pacific Pro, you will automatically get all upcoming features for free.

At last, we want to take this opportunity to thank all our beta testers for their very useful feedback and there help on finishing our project! 


Christoph Schulz
2015 - A Year in Review

As the end of the year is coming closer every day, we want to thank you all for using our app and wish you nice Christmas holidays in advance!

The past year was very successful for us at CyanicSpace: with SkyPilot we released one new product and several updates for our most successful application, SkyWidgets (soon Pacific).

As we announced in an earlier posting, we are working on an update for SkyPilot, which we unfortunately couldn’t release yet, but we hope to finish it soon.

We are particularly happy about the development of SkyWidgets, as we are proud to have over 30 000 users in total. Therefore, and to keep increasing this number, we released a few updates like the Dashboard, the watch extension and some new widgets. As you might know if you read our last posting we will change the name of SkyWidgets and call the new version Pacific instead. This improved application featuring a couple of new widgets and functions will be available for 0,99$, but there will also be an In-App purchase for 1,99$ which unlocks all pro features, for example themes. All upcoming pro features are included within the In-App purchase.

Even though most of the work for Pacific is already done we are not totally finished yet, and we are still looking for beta testers. We would really appreciate your feedback! (:

Merry Christmas! 

Christoph Schulz
Status Update #2 - SkyWidgets is now Pacific & Public Beta


Today we are very happy to announce Pacific ('SkyWidgets 2.0')

As we have changed our name about three months ago, we wanted to do - and name - things different than before. So, we decided to call our new version of SkyWidgets Pacific. That word always reminds us of the sea and of holidays, which is the reason why we actually hoped it would have the same effect on you, and that therefore you liked it better. (:  

What is new about Pacific:

First of all, we will offer Pacific at a price of 1,99$ on the AppStore. In addition, it will be available as an update, probably at a price of 0,99$, for everyone who already uses SkyWidgets. We find this higher price suitable as we put a lot of work into this new project of ours.

The major update is still not finished, but we will release a beta version on TestFlight in the next days.

- Christoph

Christoph Schulz