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Pacific 3.0 is now available

Almost 3 years ago Pacific (formerly SkyWidgets) was launched. Since then we shipped 38 updates which introduced several new features. Especially Pacific 2.0 included more customization options and more Dashboard items.

With Pacific 3.0 we want to take the experience to the next level. A new designed Dashboard view with columns gives a good and clear overview about your location. The setup process has been redone as well. Simply hold an item and drag it to a new position on the grid. It's that easy! 😊

We also redesigned the Pacific website - there you can find all details about Pacific 3.0 (about Dashboard items, widgets and so on).

Lastly, we hope you will like Pacific 3.0 and would be very happy about a review at the App Store! 😊

This wouldn't be possible with your support!

Thank you! ❤️

Pacific 3.0 Dashboard Concept

It has been a while since we published a major update of Pacific. In the last few weeks I thought about a new Dashboard which should be more organized. So, I opened Sketch and played around with the design of the current Dashboard view and the result was this: 


Dashboard Concept

On iPhone we will stick with two or three columns, this makes it easier to view more information at a time. Additionally, the iPad view will get more columns in order to prevent the current unused space with no content. 


To sum it up, we want to update the whole interface of the Dashboard view in order to make it more useful because of a better layout organization. 

Please note, this is just a concept and the final product can look different.

If you have any ideas you can contact us via the Support page or on Twitter @cyanicspace!