Pacific turns 3 - a short visual history

Pacific, formerly known as SkyWidgets, turns three! 🎉🎉 

You heard right, Pacific is three years old. Since the introduction of iOS 7 which empowered the Notification Center with widgets we knew we wanted to build an app which takes advantage of the new technology. 

First of all, we started with an application which just provided widgets and the settings for them inside the app. A few months later we introduced the first Dashboard view.


Pacific (SkyWidgets) 1.2 with Dashboard

Pacific (SkyWidgets) 1.x icon

Pacific (SkyWidgets) 1.x icon


About one year later a major update was released. With 2.0 we took the in-app experience to the next level and we changed the name of the app from SkyWidgets to Pacific. 2.0 brought a completely new Dashboard which was configurable and featured more information items about the location.


Pacific 2.0 Dashboard

Pacific 2.0 icon

Pacific 2.0 icon


With version 2.0 we also introduced Routes and Quick Dial - a fast way to open a route or start a call directly from the widget. Additionally, we introduced Pacific Pro in this version, which enables more functionality and customization options.

After one and a half year we rewrote Pacific entirely in Swift, gave the Dashboard a new look, overhauled the complete design and user interface. And that's where Pacific 3.0 comes up. The new design and the user interaction abilities are better than ever before. And here it is, the new Dashboard: 

Finally, we want to thank everyone who supported us in the past years! You are amazing and we hope you like Pacific 3.0 as much as we do.

Some facts about Pacific:

  • We shipped over 38 updates since introduction (that's one update in a month!)

  • Pacific has about 45k downloads

  • Our most successful application

Thank you! And stay tuned for new updates & features!

Pacific 3.0 Dashboard

Christoph Schulz