SkyPilot 2 will be ready soon

Hi everyone!

Today I want to announce that SkyPilot 2 will be released very soon.

SkyPilot 2 was in development for a long time - obviously since summer 2016 (I'm very sorry for this huge delay). Generally, the app has been completely rewritten and now uses a much better database structure for logbook entries (which makes it much easier to add new features for us). Furthermore, SkyPilot 2 also features a complete new design which fits perfectly in our lineup with Pacific and we have added a fun iMessage sticker pack, which will gain more stickers over time. Version 2 also features a new Position tab, where you can see your detailed movement below a moving map, which shows your location. Finally, we also integrated support for 3D Touch.

However, I didn't get iCloud sync working 100% in the last days, so this major feature will not be included in the first release. (I will try to include it asap!)

Next, pricing. SkyPilot 2 will be available for free. However, you will need to subscribe to an yearly plan (about ±1,50$) in order to use SkyPilot 2 without restrictions. Personally, I think this is a fair and affordable price. (Pricing could change until release)

 - Christoph

Christoph Schulz