Pacific 2.0.5 Update


Since the launch of Pacific in January, we published several small updates: We fixed a few bugs and introduced new features like the "Never Sleep"-mode and new Dashboard items. But we have also been working on a bigger update, Pacific 2.0.5, which we want to present you hereby.

Pacific 2.0.5 includes a black theme (Pacific Pro required) which is much more convenient to use at night. As the list of themes is growing, we changed the design of the theme switcher, so that it now shows a preview image and therefore makes it easier to choose the one theme you prefer.

Thanks to one of our beta testers who brought up this idea, the new version of Pacific also features legends on the Dashboard. Those create a better overview of the data by showing a label of the category of the item next to it. You can enable Legends in Settings > Dashboard Setup. No Pacific Pro In-App purchase is required.

Dashboard with legends

Black Theme

Next, we reworked the energy saving mode, which basically means an improved accuracy while the lower battary loss stays the same. However, please notice that GPS usage needs much battery anyway, so even in energy saving mode Pacific will drain a relatively big amount of power, but less than in normal mode.

The update should be available later this week or early next week.

If you enjoy using Pacific, we would be very happy about a (positive) rewiev in the App Store! (:

Thank you very much!

Christoph SchulzUpdate