SkyPilot 1.2 and plans for the future


As you might have noticed, we released a new update for SkyPilot yesterday which fixes several bugs within iOS 9 and enables the use of SkyPilot 1.2 for iPad.

Maybe some of you already know that we are working on a new version of SkyPilot in 2016 which will bring many enhancements and some new features.

Here's a quick overview on what we have planned:  


First of all, the logbook will be extended with new features, for example a PIC text field. Secondly we will redesign the process off adding new entries to your logbook to make this easier and faster. 


In addition we are planning to integrate a synchronisation possibility, like iCloud or Dropbox, which will make it possible to look up your preferences, aircrafts and logbook entries on every device. 

Better Statistics

SkyPilot 2 will also include more stats than before, like the number of hours flown as pilot in command.


The Dashboard will also recieve a new design and more customization options, similar to Pacific. 

That was a quick overview of what you can expect for SkyPilot 2. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Thank you,

Christoph SchulzSkyPilot, Update