SkyPilot 2 Progress Update 1

We’ve announced SkyPilot 2 a long time ago, so I’m very happy to announce the first SkyPilot 2 beta today. The app itself has been completely rewritten and now uses a much better database structure which makes sorting and organizing logbook entries a lot easier for us. At this point I also want to announce a new search feature which should be ready in the next few weeks.

Currently the first beta (only) offers the logbook view and allows the user to add new flights. I know this isn’t much but we are working hard on implementing more features as soon as possible. 

As SkyPilot 2 will be a new separate app, we’re starting a new beta list for TestFlight. If you’re interested in beta testing SkyPilot 2 please sign up here.

Thank you!


Here are some images of the latest beta:

Christoph Schulz