Pacific launches on January 20th


As we are making progress on our one big project, Pacific, we want to give you a small update on what you can expect.

Most important: We are launching Pacific on January 20.

This version of the app will include several new features, e.g. a completely redone Dashboard which will be customizable, a routes widget to enable you to open preconfigured routes directly from the Notification Center using Maps, and a few more. To view everything that’s new, check out our website (

We will also include an In-App purchase, with which you gain access to a few more options. In this Pro Version of our app, you will be able to personalize Pacific using different themes and to use the dashboard as a widget. In addition, once you upgraded to Pacific Pro, you will automatically get all upcoming features for free.

At last, we want to take this opportunity to thank all our beta testers for their very useful feedback and there help on finishing our project! 


Christoph Schulz