Status Update #2 - SkyWidgets is now Pacific & Public Beta


Today we are very happy to announce Pacific ('SkyWidgets 2.0')

As we have changed our name about three months ago, we wanted to do - and name - things different than before. So, we decided to call our new version of SkyWidgets Pacific. That word always reminds us of the sea and of holidays, which is the reason why we actually hoped it would have the same effect on you, and that therefore you liked it better. (:  

What is new about Pacific:

First of all, we will offer Pacific at a price of 1,99$ on the AppStore. In addition, it will be available as an update, probably at a price of 0,99$, for everyone who already uses SkyWidgets. We find this higher price suitable as we put a lot of work into this new project of ours.

The major update is still not finished, but we will release a beta version on TestFlight in the next days.

- Christoph

Christoph Schulz