Status Update #1

As you know we are still working on CyanicSpace, but even though we still have a lot of developing to do, we want to give you a short update on our progress:

First of all we will present you a completly new version of SkyWidgets that is more powerful and has some additional widgets, a watch app, more configuration possibilities and a new design. As soon as SkyWidgets 2 leaves the alpha stadium we will post a new update providing you with the opportunity to apply as a beta tester.

Release is planned in the next two months.

Secondly we are working on a new update for SkyPilot. Currently we have some small issues with iOS 9, but they will be fixed in the next few days. Afterwards we will start working on a major update to improve its usability and change the design. 

We aim to finish this as well in the next months.

We will be back soon with new updates!



Christoph Schulz