A private project made in Vienna 🇦🇹

My name is Christoph and I am a passionate developer living in Vienna, Austria. In the past five years I have developed several applications for iOS.

Everything started when a friend and myself run a German news blog about Apple & Co back in 2012. Therefore I developed a simple application which displayed our articles. After a short period of time we shut this blog down due to time issues and lack of visitors. In 2014 I started developing GPS related applications because I needed / I wanted them for myself as a glider pilot. This is the time when Pacific, formerly SkyWidgets, was released. Later I created SkyPilot which is a logbook app for pilots. Besides of some side-projects this summarizes my "developer life" quite good.

By the way, you can find me on Twitter @thechriiistoph!

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Why CyanicSpace?

Well, my favorite color is blue and therefore I looked for a domain name which included "blue" or something related to blue; in this case the color cyan. After trying out a few pre & suffixes CyanicSpace was crafted 😊. 

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That's me

I love technology; I am a passionate dancer; a passionate glider pilot; and I love to travel as well 😊. You can check out some photos I took here.